I will hug you to death!

That’s right folks come on down to your local Ebay web store to own a one of a kind Super Smash Brothers themed Nintendo Wii decked out in crystals. Now folks, don’t worry that there are only three badly taken pictures posted of this $20,000 item. And the comparisons to your 3rd grader gluing necklace beads to a Wii is un-called for.

Hurry and buy this collectors piece today. Because once a new version of the Smash Brothers comes it this won’t be “The Brawl To End Them All…” Also don’t bother reading the item description where it says there are 2 in the world and the item listing title says there is only 1 in the world. Reading, pfff. Game on and Lisa Frank eat your heart out! 🙂

Isn’t Mario right handed?

The item’s description is below from ebay. You can view the auction here

This Swarovski crystal covered Nintendo Wii was one of two created by Crystal Icing™ for Nintendo. It was awarded to Daniel Jung March 8th, 2008 for winning 1st place at the National Officially Nintendo Sponsored Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament. With Mario on one side and Bowser on the other, this is a one of a kind award given as a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament award. The second Swarovski crystal Wii created was a Legend of Zelda version which was available in the Nintendo World Store and sold to an unknown buyer in 2011. The Mario and Zelda versions are the only two in existence. This tournament awarded Super Smash Brothers Brawl Swarovski Crystal Wii will make fantastic center piece to display pieces in a game room, video game or barcade.

This piece is currently mentioned in a feature spot on Crystal Icing™ corporate page “These products have been sold in Rockefeller Center store in NYC, as well as given out as awards in national Nintendo Sponsored gaming competitions.

…Until the next game is released.

My favorite part is the small print warning – “***DUE TO BUYER’S REMORSE WE MUST MAKE THIS DISCLAIMER** You are purchasing a VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE. Meaning that this is NOT NEW. IT IS UP TO YOU; THE BUYER, to ZOOM IN ON ALL PICTURES to determine the condition for yourself and ask ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS you may have prior to purchase. Although we try to describe any major defects; you must accept the fact that you are purchasing a vintage collectible item. WE WILL NOT REFUND MONEY for “item’s not as described” as WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES is WHAT YOU GET. **All items ship with insurance, so if there is a problem with shipping then we will take the necessary steps to get monies refunded through the proper insurance companies so that no party is “out” money.”