Ze Bunker Ultimate Game Room

A video game blogger is not complete unless they have a sweet game room to play in! If I don’t make such a room I will be blacklisted from the industry for crimes against humanity. I can’t let that happen. There are just too many bad games to make fun of. The world needs me! So off to build a game room I go. Join me as the room gets updated, re-done, and re-done as I just wing it and try to make it look sweet. And make the readers so jelly.

The room I’m using used to be a bedroom. After the murders it was just too hard to get the blood off the walls. Curse you Simon. But since it never got re-built I’m just going to transform it into a makeshift game room. I’m starting out by using the natural supports of the walls as shelves. I know, hippie game room right. These, I found out, work great for some cartridge games, VHS tapes and DVD cases. NES games and larger sizes seem to fall off to easily. But I will find another place for them or just made wider shelves.

Ze Bunker Ultimate Game Room
Raw wood, Take that wood paneling! 🙂

This build is going to be mostly using what I have on hand, I don’t want to spend a lot of money and hoping the sheer awesomeness of the gaming stuff makes up for the lackluster carpentry. Go suck a down spout Bob Vila!

Ze Bunker Ultimate Game Room
Doom’s cool red case is such an eye-sore! 🙂

So far, I’ve put in 5 shelves made out of 2x4s and screwed in. It’s an excellent place for loose SNES, Genesis and Atari games! Now I just have to find the rest of my collection. On the left I put some Genesis boxes with the hanger tabs on them. I want the room to be mostly a storage room but I don’t want it to seem too cluttered with tons of full shelves. Later I will add more shelves and maybe some taller areas to store old PC game boxes for example.

Ze Bunker Ultimate Game Room
My Genesis Aladdin box needs an Aladdin game inside.

At some point I want to paint each section, possibly with a theme. Maybe have one column for Space themed games and paint the wall black with stars. Another one would be a ninja turtles section and make the wall look like bricks of a sewer. I should plan something out. Ah, screw it gonna just wing it.

Ze Bunker Ultimate Game Room
Finally a use for boxed Genesis games!

Check back soon for another update. What do you think of the room so far? What are some things I should or should not do? Let me know in the comments below.