imageThis new series will chronicling some of the play experiences of our fellow reviewers. Up first is a look at the 2nd Ken Griffey Jr. baseball game for the system, Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run. Grab some $9.50 hot dogs and enjoy.

Well since the site is just getting started and I don’t have a way to record and comment on the footage text logs will be the norm till further notice. I loved Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the SNES and have just completed a winning season of it, using the Expos no less. A review for that will be added shortly, again trying to figure out how the style of reviews should go and no video production as of yet. But anyways, I started playing the sequel and I’m actually not having fun at all with it.

It just seems so much different. A different studio made the game and while Rare did an amazing job on the visuals for visuals sake at the time it makes the game harder than it should be. Some of the stadiums blind the view of the ball so it’s even harder to hit. The view angle of hitting is so weird. I can’t seem to get the timing right, or maybe I am it’s just much harder. So far I’m playing as the Mariners and 0-7 on the season!

I’ve gotten to the point where I can usually make contact with the ball but it goes no where and usually into a glove of a bored outfielder. It just seems so tuff. I’d actually like to win one game. Usually in games of these sorts the team with the sponsored player is pretty good, not in this game apparently. I tried some other teams in single play mode and having just the same sort of problems getting hits or runs.

The majority of my players have sub .200 batting averages, that’s pathetic and more importantly it’s not fun. It’s not fun at all. It becomes a chore. Little things slow the game down as well. Like the time it takes to throw the ball next and not being able to skip the transitions of new players. Maybe this is from the updated graphics. It just feels less fun.

I’m going to give it another go. I’d like to be able to finish the short season and win the world series like I did in the prior game. Maybe that’s impossible. If you’ve played this game let us know below in the comments what you think of it. And if you have any batting tips. And no, I refuse to use ‘roids!