imageWe have been getting conflicting reports from the war torn city of Agrabah and it seems Princess Jasmine is upset. Her usually supply of fresh organically grown produce has been cut off. The reason it seems is the evil Jafar is holding the fruit ransom for some silly lamp.

Meanwhile Jasmine’s favor of the month; Aladdin has been trying without success to find fruit of royal quality for her o so highness, Princess Jasmine. If Al does not find overpriced and smaller fruit that has a sticker saying it’s organic he surly will live the rest of his life as a desert street rat.

A rumor that also seems to be gaining steam is that Princess Jasmine has been contacted by Whole Foods in a cross promotional video with glam star Kim Kardashian. The video idea has something to do with extra large butts and saving money. A non-name cousin with no experience of one of the producers will direct the video.