Owls on roids!

Here are two more games I added to my game collection that I picked up at the same thrift store as I mentioned in the first issue of Payload. It was a great time finding some awesome stuff. Each $2 a piece. I wish all trips to the thrift stores were like this! Most times you would be lucky to find a t-shirt without blood on it.

No doubt one the staples of finding games in the wild is that you will run across tons of sports games. I mean tons of them! They usually are all EA this and EA that. You could easily collect every year of a sport rather cheaply and easily. And I think I might start to do that at some point. But it was a pleasure to see one of the sports series I actually enjoy and that is the Slugfest series. This one being the last one made called Slugfest 2006, because naming your prior game Loaded was bad for business or something.

Sometimes you just want to hit stuff with a bat and un-wind. No chores of going through a game of baseball often taking as long as a real game lasts. And some people play those for a full-season! Can you imagine the torture? And I thought watch the Brewers was rough. I’m all about arcade baseball for the most part. I’ve not played this version so I’m excited to see if it’s like the 2003 but better!

The other game I bought is Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’ Hoole for the Xbox 2. Wooo, fancy title. I know nothing about this game or the series that it represents but I do love some big hooters. I’m sad that this is not pre-2010 when we could properly make fun of this game’s title. My school buddies might think of some fun names for this such as Legend of The Guardians: The Bit Tits of Hooters, or LOTG: The Owls of a Gay Hole, or LOTG: Gahoo Kachoo. But sadly it’s not 2007, so if I said that I would be gutted by a SJW with a safety pin. If I were a comedian or a celebrity chef I’d never work again in my life. But bankers can be criminals and still work. Welcome to Lamerica – Population dumb, sense of humor = none.
The game was cheap so I got it. Why not for $2. It’s not like it’s made by Chrome Studios that made the turd Game Room for Xbox 360, Barbie: Beach Vacation, and Mike Stewart’s Pro Bodyboarding. Ahhh crap toilet! Might try it out and see how it plays and use it for trades. But what if I accidently score some gamer points. That’s pretty risky. My profile will be tainted for all-time!

Thanks for reading once again. I really love all 3 of you that are seeing this. If you’ve played these games let us know what you think and if they are in your collection. Whoever thinks of a more funny title for the Guardians game gets a shout out.