Who's got a barf bag?

What could be more thrilling than roller-coasters meets bad English speaking ninja warriors like kind of dudes? If you said nothing then you clearly have not seen the 80’s Robocop movie. But that’s ok, I will forgive you this time. Both of these Playstation 2 games I picked up for $2 a piece at a thrift store, which is a great deal I thought. You’ve got your half-assed roller coaster tycoon on consoles in Thrillville and your repetitive mindless killing simulator in Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires. Where’s the popcorn and the Mylanta?

I’ve not played these games yet and as it’s about 2 am and I’m too lazy to look them up. Let’s just say they suck and I hope they surprise me. I say the same thing about Mike and Ike candy but it always tastes like old dirty chewing gum that came off a construction worker’s boot. Probably Mike’s boot. Ike seems like the brains behind the operation.

If you’ve played these PS2 games let me know – SDR