Lord of the rings

Another set of games that I bought and happily added to my collection are The Lord of The Rings: Return of The King, The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Rings and The DaVinci Code for the PlayStation 2 each cost $2.00.

The Lord of The Rings games are decent beat-em-up games in the vain of old school 2D games and I appreciate them for that. They are not the best however. Often the camera does some weird things and the animations get stuck in place till they run out. I have the 3rd game on the Xbox but figured it might be easier to play on the PS2. I still wish we had the option to mute Frodo in the game, he’s so annoying and whiny. – Which Lord of The Rings game is the best?

I never even knew there was a Da Vinci Code game out. Kind of like not realizing how Jonah Hill is still acting. Or maybe I just forced my mind to forget that aspect of life for the better. This game appears to be a mix of puzzle and adventure elements, so I hope it’s decent. Plus no quick-time events, please no quick-time events. For the love of the son, the spirits and bourbon please let there be no quick-time events!

I’ve watched the Da Vinci Code a few times but have not seen the sequel. One thing that bugged me were the scenes when all the action stopped in-order to spell out exposition and clues. I felt that Tom Hank’s character never really got to use his brain to solve the mystery and instead it was just actions of others that propelled the story along. Then when he does not act like a Nancy Drew his weird haircut was distracting. Maybe if I were a butt-buddy with Jesus I’d like it more.

If you’ve played these let me know below – SDR