This series is going to showcase the various movies we watched during the week and quick, no life wasting mini-reviews. Full reviews will come out if we have time or feel like doing it. Or something. Only two movies this week. I’m hard to the core!


The Quick and The Dead (1987) – This made for HBO TV western stars Sam Elliot doing what Sam Elliot does. It’s pretty forgettable. People get shot. Things happen. Truck driver for America catch phrases by Sam Elliot’s mustache. You get the picture – Rating D


  • Sam Elliot’s mustache
  • Nice scenery, is hat considered a hit?
  • No shaky camera work.


  • Too many ‘get your woman’ threats, makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Bad casting choices, no way the kid is related to the mom and dad.
  • Forgettable


The Stranger (1946) – This was a budget DVD so I thought it was going to be horribletastic. But it was actually well done. It was actually great! It’s sort of a super spy / murder mystery. There’s character development, intrigue, mystery and psychology. It’s great character study or something fancy sounding like that. Check it out, it’s a nice film. A lot better than The Quick and The Dead, that’s for sure. Stars Orson Welles, Loretta Young and Edward G. Robinson. – Rating A


  • Great pacing and character development.
  • Scary and exciting
  • Very timely for the time period.


  • Transfer was messed up a bit, hard to hear in parts
  • A bit more backstory could’ve helped.
  • Hard to follow at times

Since this is the first update on this site the ranking is pretty easy. The 1 spot goes to the excellent movie The Stranger and 2nd goes to The Quick and The Dead. Which will be the highest it ever ranks on this ranking list or awesomeness. Till next week. – SDR