Golf is one of the laziest sports around right? I mean you can legally drink beer on the course in no violation of the greater good of the sport. So maybe it’s this lazy attitude that inspired Rory McIlroy PGA Tour’s lazy achievements. The problem being is the pictures / emblems for each achievements are all the same picture.

Yes, the exact same poorly lit and color corrected blue-screen photo of Rory haunts your achievement list. Look at that gross deep cutting shadow on his face from his nose. And the haunting cutting of the feet off. It’s worse than Topps Baseball cards. At least give us different Rory poses. Something. Anything.

The Xbox One’s achievements system is much nicer than the 360’s. It feels like you are doing something more for the achievements. It’s awesome that you can make the photos your consoles background. Each achievement now can tell a story through its pictures, by adding a bit more to the experience.

Having all the same pictures is super lazy. Honestly, shame on you EA. Don’t you take pride in your work or was this another PR contract constrained decision. Some rabid fans would gladly do the work or help out. Maybe make it a community contest next game?

Here are 5 simple ideas I thought of for future golf achievements. Come on EA. We believe in you!

  1. If you win a major you get a picture of the big trophy or course.
  2. If you win the tour championship, show your golfer holding a super-oversized check.
  3. Complete all the night club challenges; a Scrooge McDuck pile of gold. Because, who wants to play that mode anyways?
  4. For the basic achievements throw in some nice views of the courses. The one thing in the game that looks great are the graphics, minus the hiccups of course. But, please keep the obligatory EA badge small. They would make great profile background pics!
  5. If you have pros in the game, throw in some screen grabs of them for achievements. Then your friends could see who you just beat in the game.

Goodluck EA! We will wave our normal consulting fee this one time.

– SDR for ZeBunker Games