Well folks I’s been asked by the management here on Ze bed bunk or whatever the hell it is to talk about dis here game called Super Off Roading. Ya. (burb) It’s a great game man. You should alls gets it if you cans. Well, he goes the review and what not……(low voice) I better get my case of beer for this shit, I got things to do. – Chuck Wagon Charlie


Man, I had so much fun playing this when my cousin Alex would come over inbetween his parole hearings. Man, we played this a lot. It’s a quality game and, and got’s a lot of fun rocking music to boot. Makes me want to post bail for ‘ol Alex so I can play with somebody. Alex would always say I was cheating. Fool, you the one got arrested for stealing tire irons from the junk yard.

Each track has different traps and techniques needed to win.
Each track has different traps and techniques needed to win.

You can play single player just find. You get new upgrades for yer truck as you go along so it keeps you want to play it a lot. Once your truck is maxed out its’ pretty easy and you just then use all your nitros. But it’s fun for a few spurts and few cans of beer.

And when you win a pretty lassie gets all up close and personal with you on the podium. Woo. What a thing to be real racer would be.

Track with the best song?
This track has the best song!

Back in the 90’s I recorded all the songs and put them in my truck to listen to. Nothing funnier than jamming out the songs from this game. Wonder if that cheese wizz ever dried out in my cassette player?


Hell no man. This is an awesome game. One of the top ones in my box of games. Unless a really sweet BBQ smoker comes in between me and it. It’s a cheap game, lets keep it that way. It’s awesome!


This is kind of an everymans racing game, I’d say. It prob goes well with any kind of beer. None of that fancy shit though from them do wopping hipsters. Never understood why flannel is so popular now. That shit itches more than a Kentucky mosquito in the fall. Just grab some beer and start playing.


Man. There are so many versions of this game out there. It’s incredible. Seems there is more versions than there are ways to display the American flag. Some of them are crap and a disgrace to the good name that is Super Off Road like them crummy slow running piles by Midway. Them guys smart, why can’t they be getting the arcade game to run right? Boggles my sweet tea man. Fucking boggles it.

We had to stop the interview at this time to ask Charlie not to swear.

ZB: Please don’t curse, we need ad-revenue on youtube and have to be politically correct about everything now.

CWC: My fucking apologies. I won’t let my god damn fucking cunt licking tongue slip again, promises.

ZB: My poorly watched, yet monetized future views thank you!


ZB: Where did you get the game at?

CWC: I don’t know man. Do we gotta do these right now? The Voice is about to come on the air and I wanna see what that slut…

(something happened to the recorder at this part, we apologize readers)

ZB: What’s your favorite part of the game?

CWC: Wooping that damn gray car. He can kiss my ass!

ZB: It’s a silver car and it’s Ivan Stewart

CWC: Shitttt. I says gray. Only a panzie ass like Tony Stewart would drive a silver nascar car.

ZB: No it’s not Tony….Ah, nevermind. Who do you think would like the game?

CWC: Just about anybody that has a SNES they have not converted into a toaster yet. Tried that but broke my fork off in the reset button. Toast never tasted the same. It’s a fun game. Its good for short bursts. Once you play through all the tracks it gets repetitive, especially once you get your truck upgraded all the way.

ZB: Did you ever play the arcade game. It had a really cool steering wheel. Tons of Toyota trucks all over it.

CWC: X-cuse me! Did you just utter the T word in my place of rest, my place of solitude, my home!

ZB: What? Huh. Ya, you are driving non-rusted Toytoats in the game. Did you not know that?

CWC: Get outta my house alikida! Get out!

(what happens next we can’t talk about pending a police report)



Man this is a super fun game. It’s a fun arcade game that’s pretty similar to the original and does a nice game version of the real races. Look up real off-road racing from the 80’s and 90’s online. It’s awesome! Those races were a lot longer and had more cars. Sadly most conversions of the arcade game are trash, so stick with the SNES or Sega Genesis version if you are interested. The SNES has the best music and graphics. But if you only have a Genesis it’s not a bad option.

Being able to upgrade your truck makes this really addictive!
Being able to upgrade your truck makes this really addictive!

There was a sequel on the SNES, The Baja. But it was the more normal Top Gear kind of perspective. Still fun. Nothing can top the sheer joy of Super Off Road! Get it now boys!

Cool features are flags and banners that wave as you fly by.
Cool features are flags and banners that wave as you fly by.
You have 2 continues then it's gameover man. Gameover!
You have 2 continues then it’s gameover man. Gameover!
If you are not first, you are last!
If you are not first, you are last!



  • Great fast and fun arcade racing!
  • Amazing soundtrack!
  • Great pickup and play game!


  • -Four player support?
  • -No stage select
  • -No passwords

A : One of the best racing and redneck certified games on the Super Nintendo.