Hey kids. Let’s randomly review this album. It’s called The Great Rock Revival, but nothing is listed on the cover. What could be inside….

Album Art Review

This album cover certainly draws your attention. Its bright and bold. It looks like some flower child album or even a kids record. It’s a double sided piece. The orange side stands out more than the blue. The cover is pretty thin though and has a plain paper sleeve. It’s so odd that there is no information about what’s the record or the songs or even what type of music it is other than the title The Great Rock Revival, and we found out quickly there is not much rock in this album.

So we give it props for being eye-catching, but the lack of information seems like a way to fool consumers so it gets knocked down for that big time.

Grade F.



Side A

  1. Personality – Lloyd Price =
  2. Bye, Bye Love – The Everly Brothers =
  3. Pink Shoelaces – Dodie Stevens
  4. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
  5. Short Fat Fanny – Little Richard
  6. Sh-Boom – The Crewcuts
  7. Runaway – Del Shannon
  8. Lil’ Darlin – The Diamonds

Side B

  1. Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino
  2. Wake Up, Little Susie – The Everly Brothers
  3. Chantilly Lace – The Big Bopper =
  4. Maybelline – Chuck Berry
  5. Honeycomb – Jimmy Rodgers
  6. Rockin Robin – Bobby Day
  7. Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price

Number of Songs That Are Actually Rock Music = 6/15


*Song grades are for the song and lyrics with notes about the recording quality if needed.

Side A Song Reviews

Personality – Lloyd Price

Ah this song. Wait, why is this doo-wop sounding tune leading off a Rock Revival album? I’m so confused. Whenever I hear this song I think of mowing down people at a mall with a blood covered chainsaw, spreading that holiday cheer through mindless destruction. Grade – D

Bye, Bye Love – The Everly Brothers

Wait, this is a rock revival album right? It’s more rock and roll than personality, but it’s more of a pop-song. Same chainsaw rage thoughts my mind while listening to this one too much. Grade – C

Pink Shoelaces – Dodie Stevens

Seriously, did the people made this just randomly throw songs on this thing? This again is a pop song. It reminds me of the Purple People Eater song. Nice riffs and beat, but not rock music. Are we really going to get rock music on this rock album? Grade – B

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley

Finally! A rock song on a rock revival album. What a concept! But, this recording seems muted. Maybe it’s a bad recording of it? It does not pop off like the previous songs have. Shame. Grade – A

Short Fat Fanny – Little Richard

This is a Little Richard song that I’ve never heard and was quite excited to listen to it. It has a great beat to it. Get up and dance! Grade – A

Sh-Boom – The Crewcuts

If ever were there a song to play when you go on a jealous filled rage this would be it! This could not be more doo-wop if everybody was wearing hair curlers. Get this off a rock album. It’s like background music to sell soap. Grade – F

Runaway – Del Shannon

This song has elements of rock music and doo-wop. Still feel its more doo-wop than rock. The why, why, why gets annoying fast and depending on the recording the solo section will make your ears bleed with its high-pitchedness. . Grade – C

The Diamonds – Lil’ Darlin

A light pop song from the 50’s. It’s not really rock music, its pop. Even if you played it with metal guitars. It’s some high school dance song. How lame. Grade – C

Side A Review
Well, that was a complete bust. I counted only 2/8 songs are actually rock songs. What the deuce Tampa Records? This was made in the 70’s. So they had plenty of material to pull from. Such a letdown. And if you bought it you would not be able to see the song titles from the album art. Hope the B side is better. Grade – F

Side B Song Reviews

Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino

Apparently rock music can be anything you want it to be. Bring in a fiddle, a harp, maybe some slide whistles. Blueberry Hill is a great song, but feels like it should not be a rock album. This is a live version, or they edited it to be that way. The audience comes in an out, but the recording is poor quality compared to the rest on the album. Grade –B

Wake Up, Little Susie – The Everly Brothers

Wait, these bros already got a song on the A side. Give another bad a chance. This song is better than Bye Bye Love, but not much. Its more or a rocking song. So good job record people. Count of rock songs is up to 3 now. Grade – C

Chantilly Lace – The Big Bopper

I guess this song started the white people kind of rock music that would come years later. I can’t tell if it fits or not. It feels too old, but it is one of my favorite all-time songs. So I will call it a draw. Grade – A

Maybelline – Chuck Berry

What can you say about Chuck Berry that’s not been said. This is an obvious choice for a rock album. This recording is all janked up though. Its stereo but it keeps panning in weird ways. Has a lot of echo on it as well, it might be a live recording. Seems like there is no consistency of level qualities on this record. Grade – A

Honeycomb – Jimmy Rodgers

This is a song I don’t hear that often. Id’ say it fits, it’s much better than most of the choices on the album. It has a lot of similarities of early Elvis songs. Grade B

Rockin Robin – Bobby Day

A jukebox classic, a good choice. Same kind of echo sound as Maybelline had though. It’s like all the good songs sound muffled and the trash filler songs don’t. Grade A

Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price

A great song and it sounds the best I think on the album, but that might because my record has wear. Still has a lot of pop-music influence, its faster so more rock sounding. Grade A

                                                                                   Side B Review
I counted only 4/8 songs are actually rock songs. So it’s much better than the first side, by a long shot. Still if you got this I think you would be disappointed. Side B wins. Grade – D

Best 3 Songs On Album

  1. 1.Maybelline – Chuck Berry
  2. Rockin Robin – Bobby Day
  3. Short Fat Fanny – Little Richard

Worst 3 Songs On Album

  1. Sh-Boom – The Crewcuts
  2. The Diamonds – Lil’ Darlin
  3. Personality – Lloyd Price

Final Album Review

I was excited to try this album out. I was intrigued by the bold nameless cover, but ultimately there is very little to take away from this one. There are more pop / doo-wop songs than actual rock songs on it. And people that enjoy doo-wop might not enjoy the rock songs and vice versa. I did not notice anything from the 60’s, it was mostly 50’s things. It hardly screams rock revival.

According to discogs this was a double album, but I only have the one record. You would not know this from the packaging alone. So as it stands this is kind of a letdown of a record. The songs have been played to death so you are much better finding them in a tighter fitting package.

The audio mixing is questionable at best. Some songs sound crisp like they should others are muffled and muted as if they found some bootlegs and popped them on these records. It’s usually the songs you want to listen to that sound this way adding insult to 5 alarm fire.

A real bummer or song picking from Tampa Records. I’d say pass despite the colorful vintage looking album art.

Grade – F


Date: 1972
Label: Tampa Records C-2 10848, Columbia Special Products ‎– C2 10848

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