Well at the 2 hour and 45 minute mark I crossed off Mario Kart: Double Dash, my first game in the Gamecube Challenge Series. It was fun and went by super fast. I declared that beating the game on normal was finishing the 100cc Grand Prix mode and I did it pretty easily.

There are of course other modes, the 150cc, All Cup and Mirror modes. Which I plan on playing for fun to see if I can get 100% on this game. I know the upcoming 150cc were pretty hard and now I’m on to the All Cup modes. Will I finish it?

Mario Kart: Double Dash is a fun game, but it’s not my favorite Mario Kart game. I like Mario Kart 64 best, followed by Super Mario Kart and third, I’d say is Mario Kart DS. There is a lot of fun to be had in ‘Double Dash though. Zoom…Zooom!

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