ActRaiser: SNES Achievement Hunting


ActRaiser is one of the fancy launch games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It seems to be over-looked by many new bearded retro game players and has features that not many other SNES games had. Its one of those games that I’ve streamed a number of times but have never finished on stream. I thought today would be the start of progress in beating the game finally. Nope.

ActRasier sounds like a variety of microwaved popcorn, but the game is a mash up of light Sim City, city building elements with side-scrolling action segments. While both elements are rather simplified its a nice mix of game-play rather that offers some variety to the gamer.


I played for an hour and forty minutes and felt satisfaction running over my body like a hot movie theater butter bath. Many demons died by my hands and my god’s errand child naked baby do-gooder. The people, my loyal and generous servants built three towns with many bars and brothels. Everything we need to thrive in this world!


Memories of past play-throughs came flooding into my mind as I helped clear the desert away with my god power of rain. Then I caused forest fires in defiance of Smokey The Bear with my power of the crackling lighting bolt. Sure, sometimes I missed and destroyed my own town. God works in mysterious ways. And the insurance will still cover it! They cover anything if you got the cash. But the towns people re-built and their faith was sealed in weekly collection plate donations to my awesome self. Everything was going great till I stopped streaming.


When I stopped streaming and closed the emulator it did not save my game file. Gone. Like Pagan or Greek Gods, just mythology now. The only evidence is the stream VOD. I unlocked a few achievements as well. So now I have to sacrifice another 1.4 hours of time getting back to where I left off. Dear Zeus, please send help now. If there is no help, send beer.

Retro Achievements Hardcore Mode Saving

This incident really makes me wish the Retro Achievements had some sort of saving enabled on the preferred Hardcore Mode. It currently exists where you can’t use save states and if you do it will revert back to the default mode, meaning you will earn half as many points. Something needs to be changed. How about verifiable save-states? If the server could hold a save of the game at a progress where you stopped playing that would be a great step.


It’s annoying in games such as these that have save battery backup files, is that not the same thing in a lot of ways. But when it fails, such as for me its really disheartening. Maybe more so than the countless broken achievements on the site. Luckily I was not father into the game than I was. Still, continuing on in the game progress for me will come later when I recover from this most tragic life event that occurred.



Achievements Unlocked : Earned 6

Defeated Centaur (5) – This was requires you to simply beat the boss at the end of stage one. The achievement icon should be a picture of the Centaur, not a cheese ball shooting tree.

Score Master (5) Reach a total of 10,000 points.- This is not very many points to get, hardly an achievement.

Defeated Minotaurus (5) – Another beat the boss achievement. Icon is not of the boss again. Fail.

Defeated Manticore (5) – Another beat the boss achievement. Icon is not of the boss again. Fail.

Defeated Zeppelin Wolf (5) – Another beat the boss achievement. Icon is not of the boss again. Fail.

Defeated Dagoba (5) – Another beat the boss achievement. Icon is not of the boss again. Fail.

The achievements so far are pretty straight forward, beat the boss. The points one is too low to be much of a challenge. Each world that you play in there are bonus objectives, that you don’t need to get but help your town grow. These would be nice achievements to go after. Such as earn wheat and music from your towns. This would make the player earn something from the city building aspect as it looks like the list of achievements just focus on beating the bosses and action stages.

Total Game Time: 1.40 hrs
Updated Rank:
Points: 60

Good Memories
– The music is relaxing!
– Making your citizens build stuff for you.
– Rescuing Teddy from certain death.

Bad Memories
– Save failed.
– Dieing many times fighting the discount sarlacc monster.
– Naked baby nightmares.