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Quick Reviews

This is our quick review section. A fast way to see what score we give to a variety of games. Cause who really reads thoughtfully written reviews anymore? Thought not. Till the real reviews come up this is a good preview. Feel free to rant and rave below.

Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball – SNES – Not a B, but not a C either.

10 Yard Fight – NES – D

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Wii U – D

Half Life Blue Shift – PC – B

Seaquest – Atari 2600 – A

RiverRaid – Atari 2600 – A

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic – PC – A

Clicker Heroes – PC – C

Counter Strike: Condition Zero – PC – A

Warcraft III – PC – B

Star Wars: The Old Republic – PC – B

Star Wars: Galaxies – PC – B

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – PC – B

Super Mario Kart – SNES – A

Super Mario World – SNES – A

Super Mario Sunshine – Gamecube – A




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