Ze Bunker

Sarcastic Movie Reviews & Collecting

What’s Ze Bunker?

It’s a website. Do I really need to tell you this?

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Ooo, you want more than that huh? Well it’s a gaming journalism site with a heavy and healthy dose of humor and sarcasm. If you don’t have a sense of humor you can either A. Get one, they are free or B. Just spam hate in the comments section. Somebody will laugh, somebody will cry and somebody probably will call some SJW to get aid.

Goal is to be the biggest  gaming site in the world. Then throw away all the credibility because we have advertisers. Yay! Gaming journalism. It’s kind of hard to be a journalist covering games. I mean there is no mandate for companies to talk to reviewers or news people. Thus where the humor comes in. Hence the name Ze Bunker,  or de-bunk games. Eventually there will be youtube commentary videos if that’s still allowed by time we get a capture device.

We are going to start out doing some classic reviews. Cause I’m too poor to afford new games. I mean, we, yes the whole team behind this free wordpress site! We are going to focus on calling out some BS and focusing the reviews on if they meet the hype and marketing each game is promoted as. You will see later as the site grows. Or just use your imagination.

The best part is that it’s just covering games. You can laugh or cry and in 4 minutes be watching some kitten videos on YouTube. It’s gaming journalism there are no rules! Let’s have some fun. Or pizza. Which ever gets to my door in 15 minutes or less.

Staff List

SDR – Been gaming since he was born. He fucking played pong with his mother’s ovaries. Background includes degrees in video production and multimedia. Been to E3 one time so far. And no he was legally there! Worked for THQ & EA Sports back in the day. Worked on more low budget and semi low budget movies than he’d care to remember. Dream Gaming Job – I mean other than working for a free gaming site. A game designer / director. If it involves something creative I need to be in charge or I go all A.D.D. then will end up homeless again.

Dream Game Goals – Rated M versions of all the classics. A Legend of Zelda game where Link talks. It is 2015 after all!


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